ZZ Mall

2020 was a year that accelerated the greatest changes. In a post-digital moment, AREZZO & CO once again saw the opportunity to reinvent itself, thinking about customer experience.

Thus was created ZZ MALL, the first 100% digital platform of the Arezzo&Co, with a website, APP, hub with the resale platform TROC, the digital magazine “MAGAZZINE” among many other products and services.

The marketplace sells all brands AREZZO & CO and AR&CO, as well as greatest premium brands in the fashion and beauty market, such as Vivara, Hope, MOB, Spezatto, TVZ, among others.

With Marina Ruy Barbosa at the head of the brand’s fashion direction, collaborating directly in curating brand content, ZZ MALL is a plural ecosystem that is continually expanding, always aiming at convenience and experience.