Code of Ethics


Arezzo&Co commitment to sustain transparent relationships is a non-negotiable quality for the team.

There are 10 key tenets that establish the Company principles and values:

1 That which cannot be done in a transparent manner should not be done.
2 Always be true so that you will never be untrue to your job. Always be an authentic person.
3 Negotiate your targets and duties clearly and consider that adhering to them is a precondition for continuity.
4 Do not find problems only. Blaming others is never a solution. Take risks and propose solutions. If you do not agree, take action!
5 Do everything in a formal manner albeit informally.
6 Always be flexible. Be constantly willing to change and ready for change.
7 Targets achieved are the basis for your next targets.
8 Together we shall win! Divergences are constructive whereas conflicts are destructive.
9 Humility with positioning: the basis of our success.
10 Have fun. Enjoy. Become involved. And always be happy!!!!