Material Fact – Shares Incorporation and SGM Call Notice

AREZZO INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO S.A. (“Company” or “Arezzo”), in compliance with article 157, paragraph 4, of Law No. 6.404, of 1976, as amended (“Brazilian Corporate Law”), and with article 2 of CVM Instruction 358, of 2002, as amended, in addition to the material fact disclosed on October 23, 2020 (“Material Fact 10.23.20”), hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general the following.

In the meeting held on November 9th, 2020 (“BDM 11.09.2020”), the Board of Directors of the Company approved, among other matters, the execution of the Private Instrument of Protocol and Justification of the Merger of Shares Issued by Vamoquevamo Empreendimentos e Participações SA (CNPJ 13.090.575/0001-94) (“VQV”) by the Company (“Protocol and Justification”), which sets forth the terms, clauses and conditions of the merger of the shares issued by VQV by the Company (“Merger of Shares”).

AREZZO INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO S.A. (“Company”), in compliance with the terms of article 124 of Law No. 6.404/1976, as amended (“Brazillian Corporate Law”), and articles 3rd and 5th of CVM Instruction No. 481/2009 (“ICVM 481/2009”), hereby calls its shareholders for the SGM (“Shareholders’ Meeting”) to be held, on November 27th, 2020, at 10:30 am, exclusively in digital form.

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