Privacy Policy

Arezzo’s Privacy Policy is aimed at assuring that the information collected during user’s visit is protected. Stockholders, Investors, Analysts and general public can make use of any service offered, such as reading of financial reports, news and other information without providing their personal details. Should personal information be provided, this Privacy Policy seeks to clarify how such information shall be treated.

Arezzo &Co. reserves the right to change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time, whether to comply with modifications that stem from changes in our main website and related sites, or due to adoption of new technologies or change in legislation. We recommend you check this page occasionally for any change.

Please read the following procedures with reference to the policy adopted as to receiving, hosting and usage of personal information that are made available in this website by customers or visitors.

1. Treatment of Information

All information provided by either customers or visitors to Arezzo&Co’s website is collected solely by ethical and legal means, following the best security and confidentiality practices, and shall only be used for the enhancement of the Company’s services.Such collected information shall be used solely by duly authorized and qualified personnel. Under no circumstances will your personal information be passed on to third parties, unless we are legally requested to do so, and the Company reserves the right to destroy it after use. Arezzo &Co’s suppliers and partners are also requested to abide by this Policy.

Users will be warned about which information is being collected, prior to the time of collection, and the user’s decision to provide or not such information will be subject to the user’s liability, as well as the consequences of his/her decision.

Unless legally required to do so, Arezzo&Co shall never share, sell the user’s information for other purposes other than those originally intended to.

The access to the data collected is intended for restricted use by authorized personnel only. Employees that by any chance use these data for other purposes other than those herein stated shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions by Arezzo &Co.

Company will preserve the data collected exactly as provided by the user.

2. Third parties

2.a. This Policy applies exclusively to Arezzo&Co website and therefore should not be applicable to other embedded sites, be through the links or other means of communication.

2.b. This website contains some embedded links and frames that lead to other sites, which may or not belong to the Company’s partners or affiliates. Such links and frames are solely aimed to offer additional information to the users. It is worth stressing that the insertion of these links and frames does not imply any sort of acknowledgment, agreement or liability by Arezzo&Co on the content of such websites. Consequently, Arezzo&Co shall not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of these links and frames.

2.c. All organizations hired to provide supporting services in connection to the webside will be required to abide by the terms of Arezzo&Co’s Policy Privacy.

3. Rights

All information contained in Arezzo&Co’s Investor Relations website, such as texts, images, audio and applications, are protected by the international and Brazilian Copyright legislation in effect and threfore cannot be copied, modified, changed, shared, reproduced or transmitted unless explicitly supported by formal permission by Arezzo&Co. Exception only applies to websites that are not Arezzo&Co’s intellectual property.

4. Important notes

By visiting Arezzo’s website, user allows the Company to eventually insert a tracking “cookie” in their computer for statistical purposes. However, user may set their webbrowser to inform whether this cookie is activated or to deactivate it.

10. Further relevant information on the terms and conditions of use of this website can be found in the Terms of Use document.

(*)”Cookies,” a technology that installs information on a Web Site user’s computer to permit the Web Site to recognize future visits by that computer.